Ultrasound Repair

OEM Parts. Expert Engineers.Ultrasound Service contract

Our expert engineers are trained and experienced with nearly every ultrasound manufacturer, including GE, SonoSite, Acuson, Philips, ATL, Biosound, Siemens, Toshiba, Zonare, Chison, SonoScape, SIUI, Hitachi, Mindray, Samsung-Medison, and Terason.

But the best part about our service is that your downtime is limited to less than 24 hours.

When you choose ultrasoundservice.com for your repairs, we’ll ship you a loaner ultrasound system overnight, . We know your time is valuable. Rescheduling patients and ultrasound downtime is costly. Waiting for repairs is frustrating.

We’re the only company in the business that provides this service to our customers.

Even better, our service prices are competitive with the market. So, you’ll pay the same, get expert service, and limit your downtime.

There simply isn’t a reason to use anybody else for your ultrasound service needs. Call today and get your loaner system tomorrow 440-459-1625.

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