Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of repairing my system?  Our service costs could be considered the best value in the industry. Our exclusive loaner program is unlike any other and can save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue, administrative rescheduling headaches, and overall system downtime. With our ultrasound loaner program, all of those headaches are removed from the equation. Additionally, you’ll find that our service costs are competitive, if not less expensive, than other ultrasound service companies. 

What is a “depot repair”? Depot repair is for portable systems. The unit is sent to our headquarters in Cleveland, OH, for repairs. Because we have onsite engineers and thousands of parts, the depot repairs are quick and less expensive than on-site repairs.

What are the costs for the loaner/rental program? Depending on whether you have a warranty, service contract, or are calling us for the first time, prices will vary from free to around $250 for the loaner program. 

What’s the length of a service contract? We write service contracts for as little as 90 days all the way up to 5 years. 

What if I’m not happy with the loaner system you sent me? We do everything we can to ensure your machine meets your needs. However if you find that the system doesn’t work out, we’ll ship you a replacement.

What types of equipment are sent with the loaner program? All our rental/loaner systems are portable ultrasound machines. Most commonly we ship systems from SonoSite and SonoScape, because these systems are excellent for temporary replacements while your system is repaired. We also have GE, Biosound and other systems in our $500,000 inventory of loaner ultrasound systems.

How can I learn a new ultrasound in a day? No worries, we have free training videos available for nearly every loaner system we provide. Each video runs from 2-10 minutes, and most complete training series videos can be viewed in 30 minutes or less. 

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